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125KHz LF RFID Smart Cards

125KHz RFID Smart Card Manufacturer
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    As we known ,the RFID CARDS have different frequency,here we mainly introduce the 125KHz Low Frequency RFID Smart Cards .

    The 125KHz Low Frequency RFID Smart Card is with 125KHz low Frequency ,in normal ,the low frequency rfid smart cards only support read data .

    The main 125KHz Low Frequency RFID chips have EM4200,EM4305,TK4100,T5557,T5577,EM4550,Hitag 1,Hitag 2 etc 

    Cards low frequency usually thought be passive card, which work by inductive coupling energy obtained from the radiating near-field coupling coil of the reader. When transferring data between the card and the reader low frequency, low-frequency card reader must be located antenna radiating near-field region. Read LF tags of less than 1 meter distance under normal circumstances.

    Advantage is mainly reflected in the low-frequency card: card chips generally use conventional CMOS technology, with power-saving, low-cost characteristics; operating frequencies from radio frequency regulatory constraints; can penetrate water, organic tissue, wood, etc.; very close fit , low speed, the amount of data requires less application. ?

    Low-frequency card disadvantage is mainly reflected in: less amount of data storage card; only suitable for low-speed, close-recognition application; compared with the high-frequency reader: Card antenna turns more, some of the higher costs.

    Mainly used low-frequency card attendance access control hotel door label animal production management.

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